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August 25, 2023
Written by Brad Kraay


In the intricate dance of life and business, we often emphasize transactions, profits, and numbers. Yet, beneath this layer lies the beautiful rhythm of personal relationships, forming the undercurrent of our most valued professional connections. But why are these connections so uniquely powerful?
1. Beyond the Logo Each of us dons a uniform in the professional world, represented by the logo on our shirts or business cards. But the essence of a relationship isn’t dictated by a brand or company emblem. It’s about the person wearing it. As careers evolve and paths diverge, a genuine relationship transcends company loyalties. The real connection is not with the logo on someone’s shirt but with the heart beneath it.  Make no mistake, this isn’t about a lack of loyalty to companies–this is about the human relationship.
2. Trust – The Intangible Gold In the realm of business, trust is the unspoken currency that facilitates smoother negotiations and more seamless collaborations. It isn’t about the contract’s clauses but about the mutual respect and understanding between the individuals. And this trust emerges, not from transactions, but from personal connections, shared experiences, and aligned values. Sometimes we need to fall back on this trust when we allow the business paranoia to envelope a situation.
3. Relationship Without the Ledger Some of the most genuine relationships that start in a professional setting evolve without any expectation of transactional returns. They grow because of shared laughter, mutual respect, and shared experiences, not ledgers and balance sheets. It’s refreshing to know that not every professional interaction needs to end with a business agenda. Some can merely be about two individuals connecting, without any strings attached.
4. It’s Okay to Just Be While forging connections is valuable, it’s also essential to remember that we don’t need to maintain a professional relationship with everyone we meet. It’s okay for some interactions to remain cordial, and for some connections to be momentary. Life isn’t a networking event; it’s a journey of varied interactions.
5. A Tapestry Richer than Profits When we reflect upon our professional life, it’s rarely the profit margins that stand out. More often, it’s the relationships – those genuine connections where people stood by you, not for business gains but for the bond you shared. This tapestry of relationships, woven with threads of trust, respect, and genuine care, is infinitely more valuable than any profit statement.
In Closing As we traverse our professional landscapes, let’s not be swayed solely by the allure of profits and transactions. Instead, let’s cherish the genuine relationships we build along the way. For at the end of the day, it’s these connections, unburdened by professional tags and logos, that truly enrich our journey. I have professional friends whose weddings and baby showers I’ve attended, whose kids I’ve written letters of recommendation on behalf of.  I’ve had these experiences when working for “the competition” and as an entrepreneur; that’s because the relationships for me are personal and not transactional.

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August 25, 2023

Well said and well written. I continue to maintain relationships around the world that were forged and tested by fire 20, 30. and 40 years ago.

August 25, 2023

A strong example of having your priorities in line.

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