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August 8, 2023
Written by Brad Kraay
The landscape of business-to-government (B2G) transactions is vast and intricate, we could discuss this ad infinitum. Often, companies vying for government contracts become ensnared in the rush to display their capabilities. These interactions can sometimes mirror a high-stakes showcase: “Witness the breadth of our expertise and resources!” But is this the most effective strategy in a B2G setting? Absolutely not.
Ponder on this analogy: When tasked with preparing a state dinner, a master chef doesn’t merely enumerate every ingredient in their inventory. Instead, they craft, meld, and serve dishes tailored to the diverse tastes of international dignitaries. They’re solving a culinary challenge, not showcasing a stockpile. This approach, simple as it may sound, offers deep insights for B2G interactions.
Here’s the shift in perspective we need: Tailoring solutions to address specific governmental challenges is far more influential than merely broadcasting capabilities. It’s a move from a capability-centric dialogue to a solution-driven discourse.
Visualize two companies approaching a government entity. Company A dedicates its presentation to its cutting-edge technologies, the pedigree of its team, and its track record. In contrast, Company B begins by delving deep into the challenges the government agency faces, offers insights into sector-specific concerns, and then elaborates on how their offering directly addresses these pain points.
While Company A painted a picture of its prowess, Company B delineated a roadmap to resolution. Given the choice, most government entities would lean towards the latter. Why? Because government agencies aren’t merely seeking vendors; they’re on the hunt for problem solvers.
In the nuanced realm of industry-government relations, it’s perhaps time for a recalibration. Rather than brandishing what we’re equipped with, it might be more impactful to spotlight the problems we’re poised to solve. Isn’t this what those businesses winning contracts area doing? Because, at the close of the day, governmental agencies aren’t just shopping for capability; they’re in pursuit of concrete solutions.

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