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October 11, 2023
Written by Brad Kraay
The distinction between claiming to be “the best” versus “among the best” is not just a matter of semantics but a profound reflection of a company’s understanding of its value proposition and realism in the federal market space, particularly concerning general contractors.
Proclaiming to be “the best” in a field as vast and competitive as federal contracting can often come across as both arrogant and insubstantial. It suggests a lack of acknowledgment of the myriad of other skilled professionals in the space and can be a red flag for government buyers who understand that competence and reliability trump bravado. In contrast, positioning oneself as “among the best” is a statement of high caliber while recognizing that the industry landscape is diverse and that excellence can take many forms.
More crucial to government buyers is not the bold claim of supremacy, but solid, demonstrable evidence of competence and the ability to meet contract specifications. This includes the vital skills of understanding and navigating the intricate submittal processes, billing appropriately, paying subcontractors punctually, and efficiently handling inevitable issues. The way a contractor confronts and resolves these challenges speaks volumes more than any self-aggrandizing claim.
In the end, a company’s reputation in the federal space is built on its ability to deliver quality work consistently, maintain integrity in operations, and exhibit expertise in handling the unique demands of government contracts. These attributes, coupled with a realistic understanding of the market, place a company “among the best” — a position that resonates more with reliability and trustworthiness, traits highly valued by those awarding contracts.

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